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Coffee, Drinks and juices
Natura beach bar - Thassos

Welcome to Natura Beach Bar, the paradise of taste sensations! Here, we excel in the art of coffee and beverages. We offer a variety of coffees to suit every preference, from intense espresso to richly aromatic Greek coffee.
Ιn addition to the classics, indulge in unique coffees such as the afogatto, a combination of espresso with ice cream balls that will refresh and elevate you simultaneously. Also, try the chai latte, a warm or cold aromatic drink with spices and frothy milk that will rejuvenate you with every sip.
If you're not a coffee lover, we offer a wide range of fresh fruit juices, from classic orange and lemon to our invigorating blends made from fresh fruits, for an energy boost you need.





Visit us today and discover the ultimate pleasure in the world of beverages at Natura Beach Bar!